Welcome to the Amila Industries Beliatta.. One of the finest in Beliatta , tangalle  area for More than 18 years with customer statisfied Service. You can get any iron fabrication requirements done under one roof with the maximum customization.

Our products and services have the high quality that ensures the customer satisfaction at it best it is proved with these 16 years in Hambantota & Matara  area. Our well experinecd design teams ensure that they use the up to date technology to provide the best output to our customers.We specialize in Residential gates, as well as heavy-duty gates for commercial / industrial purposes. Gates can be customized for specific applications and are available with matching fence panels for a complementary finish. We offer high quality services with every products. See our specialty with each products.

Being a manufacturer and supplier we are designing and manufacturing modern style gates which are manufactured by standard quality of raw material. Our products are applicable in house, hotels and restaurants.  We are equipped with latest technology to manufacture our products as per the standard of the industries. These products are very beautifully designed by our designers. Innovative products are offered in the most affordable price.

We can grantee our products for 10 Years without any doubt. Our quality service you can see from right hand side slide. We are specialized for Modern Gate design.we can Transport Free If nessesery.

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