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We take great pride in having grown with our society and after 20 years have now become a supreme catering service Tangalle , still specializing in our own dishes. We “Pathum Caterers & Rent Service ”a professional catering service now are in operation since 1996 and we have been serving our customers with self thought catering patterns and well versed in many varieties of Dishes specializing in fashionable modern preparations using fresh local ingredients.

Our menus are prepared to suit to our customers’ taste and affordable. We are ready to serve our customers’ needs irrespective of the number of guests, you intend to dish up.

You have only to Hand over your Party to us we will Plan it well and execute it well.

We provide our services for Wedding Parties, Homecoming Parties, Anniversary Parties, Office Parties, and Birthday Parties, Get Together Parties, and Dinners Parties. We also serve for Almsgivings and any Parties organized for any other occasions.

Reception Hall-

Beauty Salon Service –

Flora –


Anything else? Just ask 0777 902 587 

We are Specialized in, Indoor & Outdoor VIP Party Service


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